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    A number one dad, ten out of ten, Dad of the year, gettin laid all year this year, best dad ever, you did it.

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    Finally a Skateboard company who nailed what i’m about!

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  5. "our mistakes are expected, when our hearts are wicked"


  6. Anonymous asked: The good thing is you're young and still have time to fix your mistakes. Don't be too hard on yourself. We all fuk up.

    oh thanks. im trying to move on from here. i assume your the same anon that asked how i fucked up…sorry i try not to get to personal and let people know my exact business..especially to someone anonymous. no offense homie. but thanks again. never knew anyone even reads or looks at my blog. hah

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    Nick Tucker

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    The Muppets + breaking the fourth wall

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  10. i fucked everything up. I became everything I ever hated. now i’m just trying to own up to my mistakes. convert what i’ve done into something phenomenal. something inspiring. and be a better person than i ever was.

  12. A Moment of Silence Please, for The Pentimento Recording Co, the studio where we recorded almost every single SM record.

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    Protest The Hero Discography by dragyouintodarkness

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    I was cold when I drew this.

    dressing room in Des Moine, Iowa //2K14

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    Oh my god

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