1. Way broke Wednesday with @6nick15 #hereWeGO #HavannahHouse

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    The Wonder Years // Chain Reaction

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  4. "Everybody’s getting older
    But nobody’s growing up

    As the weather’s getting colder
    The room starts heating up"
    — "Tapestry" from Protest the Hero’s Scurrilous (2011)

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  5. mu gahd, I was in the same room and only feet away from Mark Hoppus and Bill Stevenson and Karl Alvarez…like holy piss!!

  6. Filmage screening / Q&A . So surreal to be in the same room only a few feet away from some of my biggest musical influences
    #filmage #descendents #ALL (at The Downtown Independent)

  7. Perfect day for Dodger Baseball and a beer

  8. We here! Dodger stadium. Last game of the season! @dodgers ayyy! #Dodgers #PuigAtBat

  9. Fright Fest at Magic Mountain. I ain’t scurred of no zombies

  10. Rode the Drop of Doom! Super rad!

  14. teenagegirlsandindierock:

    Wrecks Transparent

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